SSL, Software updates

We added an SSL certificate with altnames so that is now secure, and all communications with this webserver are secured.

We also updated the jabber server software. Let me know if there's any issues.

Mandatory encryption for XMPP/Jabber

All connecting clients are now required to use encryption. See the ubiquitous encryption manifesto here:

Registration process change

Due to large volumes of automated account registrations, I've disabled in-line account registration. The server is still publicly open, but you'll need to visit the registration page linked from the top right-hand side of this website in order to create an account. I'll add a captcha to it at some point as well. moved

The server hosting has been relocated. Everything should be up to date by now, and all transports should be running, but if you notice any problems please contact an admin

IRC transport disabled

I've disabled the IRC transport as some people were using it to avoid bans on IRC networks, which resulted in being klined from those networks.

Apologies to anyone who used it responsibly. I may look at opening it up again if there's interest and it can be secured. upgraded

The OS and ejabberd version was upgraded today. Everything looks like it's running fine, but let an admin know if something isn't working

AIM transport temporarily offline

There seems to be a bug in the AIM transport, or with AIM itself, which results in the AIM transport failing to connect to AIM.

This is causing some flow-on effects (such as sending connection failed messages every 2 seconds) so I've disabled the aim transport for the time being, until I can look at it in better depth.

Server move moved hosting today. Everything except for the web clients should be working fine. Please contact an admin if you find something not working.

SSL Cert issues

The current SSL cert for expired yesterday. A new one has been ordered, but looks like it'll take a day or so to arrive, maybe longer. Apologies for the inconvenience.

We previously used an XMPP federation cert, and sometime in the last year this service was discontinued. An email was sent out at that time, including a recommendation to start using the parent service directly, but all the existing certs were effectively orphaned, so no reminder notices were sent. Yes, we should have set a reminder in our calendar :/

Server updates and reboots

We had a couple of minor outages today due to OS upgrades and a reboot for a new kernel version, and to patch ejabberd to fix an offline subscription bug.

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